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good out of bad?

How do you get something good from something bad? By this Im really thinking about the aspects of our humanity, like love and generosity are good. While spite, selfishness and violence are bad. Since we all have within us the capacity for love and hate, how do we take the hate and add its power to the love in us, and thereby diminishing the power of the hate, while magnifying the power of the love in us? Is it even possible?

I’d like to be able to do this, because I feel that there is a lot of wasted energy in the products of the hatefull side of our natures, sometimes Im drained by it, and I dont have much energy at all these days. Anyway, you engage in hatred or bile, but for what? Ive yet to see any net gain resulting from an episode of hatred or anger. But anger can be righteous yes? But even then, is it productive? Can it actually solve any problem?

All I see is that if the first step on any journey of thought emnates from any darkness, then the end of that journey, or that road is going to be darker yet, to whatever the aim, be it for good or ill, it does not vary, it ends in darkness.

Well, no answers here, but surely something worth persuing. I do find it very difficult not to descend into hatred when I learn of any injustice, or unfairness in life, any bullying or bad behaviour especially targetted at the weak brings my worst side to the fore.

I didnt have a problem with this for many decades, as it seemed a natural and good thing to want to fight against the oppressor and for the oppressed, but violence is the only result, and nothing changes. I see that there is a better way, and it needs people to want to change from within, to put self sacrifice before self, I can imagine the gains to all. I have no faith in it ever happening though, but I can dream.



first writings, – me.

i spose i better type something into this thing seeings as how ive gone to the trouble of setting it up! and maybe it could be a type of introduction, in case anyone ever passes this way, and because i cant think of another way to start having a bash at this writing blogs lark!

i’ll apologise for my grammer, im idle, i do know how to capitalise, but cant be bothered right now so hate me for it by all means, i wont take it personally! 🙂

well, im a 56 yr old (in august actually) bloke, a father of 3, with a mortgage (soon to end) been with my woman just over 30 yrs, 28 of them married, and now have 2 grandkids. ive basically got a lot of time on my hands these days as since the end of 2009 i have not been able to got to work anymore due to my heart disease and spinal stenosis.

i was all manner of labourer, miner, drop forger ect after lewaving school with no qualifications in 1975. i became a lorry driver in 1981 after passing my class 1 hgv. and basically as far as my working life went thats it.

i have done other things of course, less than some, more than others, but work looms large in our lives, and when its gone, a big hole is left. it would be nice to have been retired in the usual way, to have health and a pension to enjoy my grandkids, but not for me.

my health is like a selfish disease, it permeates my whole existance every hour of the day, and makes me say stuff i wished id never said, its voracious, a black hole. pain is ever present and hard to laugh off, but i have a damned good try!

i like twitter, i can get political on there, ive always been political, but gave it up for a while when as a 30 something small business man i developed the mind of a benign dictator that knew best, for everyone. im cured of that now, thanks in part to my illness, and vulnerability these days.

well, its as start!