first writings, – me.

i spose i better type something into this thing seeings as how ive gone to the trouble of setting it up! and maybe it could be a type of introduction, in case anyone ever passes this way, and because i cant think of another way to start having a bash at this writing blogs lark!

i’ll apologise for my grammer, im idle, i do know how to capitalise, but cant be bothered right now so hate me for it by all means, i wont take it personally! 🙂

well, im a 56 yr old (in august actually) bloke, a father of 3, with a mortgage (soon to end) been with my woman just over 30 yrs, 28 of them married, and now have 2 grandkids. ive basically got a lot of time on my hands these days as since the end of 2009 i have not been able to got to work anymore due to my heart disease and spinal stenosis.

i was all manner of labourer, miner, drop forger ect after lewaving school with no qualifications in 1975. i became a lorry driver in 1981 after passing my class 1 hgv. and basically as far as my working life went thats it.

i have done other things of course, less than some, more than others, but work looms large in our lives, and when its gone, a big hole is left. it would be nice to have been retired in the usual way, to have health and a pension to enjoy my grandkids, but not for me.

my health is like a selfish disease, it permeates my whole existance every hour of the day, and makes me say stuff i wished id never said, its voracious, a black hole. pain is ever present and hard to laugh off, but i have a damned good try!

i like twitter, i can get political on there, ive always been political, but gave it up for a while when as a 30 something small business man i developed the mind of a benign dictator that knew best, for everyone. im cured of that now, thanks in part to my illness, and vulnerability these days.

well, its as start!


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